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Thibaud Balducci, Athlete Slack Inov'


Weight : 64kg

Size : 1m78

Age : 24

Favourite meal : potato gratin, filet mignon of pig and mushrooms

What he likes in slackline : the hypnotic power, be focus deeply and intimately in the present. Pushing his limits

Born in grenoble, Thibaud started basket and after he moved in mountains he begin to practice outdoors sport as bike and fresstyle ski.

In 2013 he begin practice slackline and he likes it, he tried jumpline and longline but highline is the one thing he wan't to do as much as he can. He likes the nature side of slackline but the technical side too. He was one of the first people to make a home-made linegrip, also it's a long time he take part of the development product for Slack Inov'.

As a volonteer or participant, Thibaud is present in almost all festivals but he also likes to be in nature with his old friends. He likes open new highline, be a «look pioneer»as he said. « open a new line is access to a original view that anybody looked before. An Original, new, unique, powerfull point of view. »


thibault slack inov

thibault slack inov

        thibault slack Inov