They are strong, they are a beautiful, they smell good motivation and sweat

Clément Oudot and laurent Chorlier

Laurent Jumpline Slack Inov

Laurent, Athlète Slack Inov'  

weight : 69kg

Size : 1m83

Age : 20 ans

Favourite meal : Chocolate banana

What he likes in slackline : beer-time after a jumpline session, and concentration and meditation when he practice longline (highline also, but he always try to escape when it's his turn to walk). He likes try some new tricks and finaly combine it in combos.

I started Slacklining in 2013 on a old webbing of my father, in my garden. I was in Natural games in 2014 and after a long day seeing amazing tricks in the final I bought my first jumpline.
The next year in Clermont-ferrand i met many nice slackliners, my studies was so hard and slackline was for me an excuse to get outside. After many sessions Slackline become a real passion.
Today It allows me to travel around the france and take good time with friends. I broke many bones but i always try to keep motivation and smile.

Best place in competitions :

3rd position in event «  christmas father is a jumpliner » in Lille in december 2015.

4th position in Festislack 2016

3rd position Waterline Party June 2016

                                                                   Laurent Jumpline Slack inov Laurent Jumpline Slack Inov

Clement Jumpline Slack Inov

Clément, Athlète Slack Inov'  

Weight : 77kg

Size : 1m77

Age : 22 ans

Favorite meal : Pâsta with tomato

What he likes in slackline : Concentration and tenacity

Born in Guéret

I grow up in limousin

I tried many sports, circus, mountainbike and climbing. I'm a kayak teacher too

I really started slackline in Clermont-ferrand with some good friends and i really loved the mood and motivation in jumpline

I love jumpline sensations but i'm always motivated to try new highline with my friends.

Slackline in 3 words : Sensation - Ambience - Meeting

                                                                   clément Jumpline Slack inov Clement Jumpline Slack Inov