Teflon coating

What is Teflon?

Teflon is the commercial name for PTFE (ou ploytetrafluoréthylen). This polymer offers extraordinary technical characteristics. About what is concerning Slackline, Teflon is totally hydrophobic. It is actually the best wearproof polymer and it is frozen resistant and UV resistant.


Despite its high cost, we did decide to apply a Teflon coating on our Abysses2 webbing for many raisons that we want to intoduce you to in this article:


Abrasion resistance

Slackline webbing are enduring many abrasion loads: First of all because we do walk on it, but also because of all of the external parameters occuring when rigging, carrying, folding... According to diferent tests leaded on our weaving factories, we do estimate that this coating allow to double its lifetime.


Dust resilience

Dust, sand, salt, gravel... Are the worst enemies of our webbings. Thoses fines abrasives particles are going inside the weaving and tend to bit it progressievely at each loading, each step and bent of the material. Our Teflon coating creates a phisical barrier to this dust preventing it to come inside the fibers.

Moisture resistance

Unlike polyester, polyamid fibers have a really bad behavior to humidity. In wetland, its strenght decrease up to 10% and its develops molds able to reduce its strength up to 40%. Here is why it is important to always aerate and dry your stuff.

However, this is generally not enought, this is why we made an effort by treating Abysses2 with this coating. This waranty moisture and mold to stall and preserve sustainantely your webbing 

A webbing always dry and light

Even when going wateline, even under the rain. Be sure that your webbing will remain light under your feet and will not gorge itself with water. Moreover, it will dry quickly between every session thanks to the watter repellent and hydrophobic properties of Teflon.