To develop the Joker, we focused specially on three points : 
- Comfort
- Abrasion resistance
- Performance

With improving those three aspects, we were able to create a webbing that matches the expectations of the most meticulous slackliner, as well as the beginner looking for an optimal experience.

And of course, the Joker is made in France.

Comfort :

With the Joker, we accomplished thicker edges than the middle of the webbing. Their tubular structure filled with foaming polyamide allows them to be less tight than the rest of the webbing. The edges remains perfectly soft and round, even at the bottom of the bounce ! You won't notice catches anymore…

Not to mention that its weight (54 g/m) will be appreciated during approaches and hauling for your most remote expedition.

Abrasion resistance :

The dense serge weave increase the sheath cohesion but we also add the Slack-Inov' touch : thermo-fixing increase the characteristics of polyester fibers and gives the Joker its smooth and consistent aspect. This outer texture widely improve the abrasion resistance and water repellency, while avoiding dust and micro-cristals to penetrate the fibers.

Thermo-fixing also make the webbing more comfortable by removing the rough aspect of fibers after weaving. This process also influence the webbing behavior under tension.

Performance :

This is certainly the most exciting part when it comes to webbing development…

  • Not just facilitating transportation, the weight (54 g/m) of the Joker makes it really easy to handle on all lengths, deleting wobble and limiting momentum of its own movements. Get ready to break records !
  • The thermo-fixed polyester gives a great homogeneity on all the length of the webbing : the behavior remains constant meter after meter…

With the Joker you will find a responsive and playful webbing. Just push a little and it will get back to you : you can really feel the bounce, even on longer distances. The more you push, the more the joker push back ! We didn't found the limit yet…

Really easy to handle, the Joker gives a precise and stable surf.

Its elasticity of 9% at 10 kN makes it especially versatile : highline, waterline, or in the park, we let you choose the program !

We are really excited to read your feedbacks, in any case, we love it !