With a Longline slackline you get to discover a real journey of physical and mental emotions

Longlining and slacklining are not the same thing: longlining means walking on a line longer than 30 m, up to lengths that can exceed hundreds of meters.

The longer your longline gets, the greater the difficulty to keep balance and stability while walking. For longlining, only 2.5 cm (1") narrow webbing are used, the tension of the line can change from 0, as in a RODEO LINE, up to 15 kN in a very very tight line.

In longlining the mental concentration required is much higher and any slightest distraction risks to compromise the proper execution.

For SLACK INOV' longlining means giving space to yourself and when the slackline gets into you, it opens up a world of body and mind capturing emotions.

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Longlin beginner and for advanced levels

If you are looking for something rather classic then try our PRIMITIVE Longline Kits. Only using carabiners, webbing and a linelock ring, you can set up a longline between 30 to 50 m. The PRIMITIVE system fits in a small bag and is the perfect travel Slackline Kit.

If you intend to exceed the length of 50 m, you will find the powerful and lightweight MINI DOUBLE and SLACKIMOUFLE QUAD LONG LINE KIT with pulley system the perfect choice.

In our LONGLINE category you can find the widest range of specific products for longlining in the world; LONGLINES, WEBLOCKS, all the material for tensioning like PULLEYS, ROPES, LINELOCKS, SLINGS, SHACKLES, CARABINERS, QUICK LINKS and the accessories like TREE PROTECTION, MULTIPLIERS, BACKPACKS etc.

If you are looking for advices on how to do something new, with SLACK INOV' you can rely on experts who will tell you how to save money by not buying the wrong slackline tools or longline set and how to save yourself the pain of a fall or injury due to assembly mistakes or misuse.

FAQ - I want to get closer to Longlining, but I don't know how to...

Longlining is fun, but it is also a dangerous activity: if the specific instructions are not followed and no expert is assisting, serious injuries may result from this activity!

You must always be aware of your choices and the correct use of the slacklining equipment, for SLACK INOV' it is very important that you do not take unnecessary risks.

We recommend starting longlining definitely in company of an already more experienced slackliner. Higher tensions, the right choice of webbing depending on your spot, many things play into each different situation so we invite you to keep aware of this.


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