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Quicklink are the cheaper and smaller connectors compared to a carabiner, but with more resistance. At the same time, quicklinks are a bit less handy to use. The quicklinks are the perfect connectors for anything that must remain in a permanent closed position, where on the other hand carabiners are repeatedly opened and closed and meant to be stay mobile in a set-up.

Quicklinks are made of steel and had galvanized treatments to prevent corrosion and oxidation when staying in humid environments. In case of marine environments it is necessary to choose though a stainless steel quick link with special carbon treatment.

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Oval quick links

OVal quick links have been designed to work in linear loads only. They also come in a twisted quick link version to connect elements rotated with a 90° angle. Those are an excellent connectors inside your pulley system to set up f.e. a highline.

The frequent use of oval quick links are: To connect a static rope with a knot to a fixed part of a pulley system; To connect a pulley to an anchor plate; To connect a static rope to highline rock anchor plates; To connect the backup of a highline to the split sewn end points (T-LOOP or FRACTIO SEWING); cTo connect the sewn loop of a highline.

Delta quick link

Delta quick links are not suitable for tri-directional loads, but the straight part is used to work with wide textile connectors such as a ROUND SLING SPANSET.

The frequent use of delta quick links are: To connect a round sling spanset to the anchor plate or pulley; To connect a round sling spanset to the rock anchor plates for your highline.

Always close the Quick Links before use !

If you don't, they may bend quickly when set under tension. For a permanent safety lock they must be closed with a wrench or better glued with loctite. For use as semi-permanent connectors, the finger force for closing is sufficient.

When finished using it, we recommend to keep the screw nut of the quik links closed, even when at rest. In fact, if not used for a long time, with exposure to open air, dust or atmospheric agents, the nut could get stuck and remain blocked.


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