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Here you can find the necessary and auxiliary components to create an efficient longline tensioning system: PULLEYS, SOFT RELEASE, LINEGRIP, ROPE BRAKES, PLATES and PRUSIK ROPES.

If you don't know the potential of all these products, dive in to discover all their special features.

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LINEGRIP SBR 5th Generation  The original LINEGRIP in the last SBR version.  A fantastic device if you want to remove your tensioning system from the line after tensioning. LINEGRIP has been tested...

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The line grip of a new generation  The brand new MOUSE GRIP is a strong, ultralight and the smaller alternative to a standard LineGrip.Easily attached to your harness, this extra gear does not slow...

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SOFT RELEASE for longline and highline Whether you want to release your longline or highline without using a pulley system brake, or you want to set a "soft point" with a LINEGRIP, you definitely...


Empower your pulley tensioning system with the right plates and multipliers

You own a longline webbing and you'd like to add a new tensioning device to your rig? Discover our diverse pulley systems, like the MINI DOUBLE or SLACKIMOUFLE QUAD and choose your preffered rope length from 12.5, 25 to 50 m.

If you already own a simple tensioning pulley system and you you’d like to simply upgrade it, by adding a TENSIONING PLATE you will be able to work with a totally customized DIY pulley system practical for any type of desired use.

An excellent helper to optimize your tensioning power is our multiplier with the SPECIAL KNOTED ROPE FOR MULTIPLIERS that connects your pulley directly to the pulley system's rope, all without needing any additional locking tools and reducing the weight of the system at the same time.

Create your Soft Point with a SOFT RELEASE and a LINEGRIP

To set up your longline using a soft point, only adding weblocks to the system and removing the pulley system after tensioning, you will certainly need a webbing tensioning device, such as our SNATCH or LINEGRIP, and a SOFT RELEASE This system allows you to release the energy slowly and disassemble the system without need to reconnect the pulley system with a brake.