Our History

Everything began in 2008, when FLORENT BERTHET put his foot for the first time on a real Slackline in South Africa’s Cape Town. Already passionate a lot about mountain sports and balancing activities like the unicycle or climbing, he quickly got hooked to this new, meditative but endearing sports discipline.

In 2012, Florent and his friend Clément Peltier decided to start a new association called « A fleur de selle », in order to collect money to finance their dream trip -  a bike tour around the world. This association being used to create slackline gear, Florent, a studied engineer, created the first so called « slackibloc » for the slackline community and it was an immediate, first success. An easy weblock, inexpensive but safe and efficiently designed, it led to great sales and enough to finally make their trip reality. 

Florent, at some point tired of this mechanical engineering work, follows his desire to create a real, own slackline brand and company - Slack Inov'. Using his extensive experience in mountaineering, combined with this knowledge and diplomed expertise in rope access, he arrives fast to create and produce innovative, efficient and smart slackline gear, which facilitates today the practice itself for a lot of slackliners.

The first SLACKIMOUFFLE sees light, an optimized pulley system, adapted fully to the new sport, ultra light and with high efficient performance. Sales are taking off and Florent’s inspiration and ambition as well. Until today he doesn’t stop to feel driven by the desire to create even smarter, even saver and always lighter gear to facilitate and support the sport of slacklining for everyone.

Today, Florent teamed-up with some friends, experienced slack- and highliners, some evenly passionated and motivated people who are all together the Slack Inov TEAM. Trickliners, Longliners and Highliners help testing and reflecting about new and old products and exchange constantly about the creation of gear which could make this sport more accessible to everyone, but also much safer.

Slack Inov’ produces and offers ergonomic and innovative products, following an environmentally friendly approach by using « Made in France » manufacturers and with the continuous ambition to create always even more efficient, easier but more important more safe products for the people who use them.

You have a question to Florent about some specifics of his production strategies or design approaches? Some inventive ideas but you are looking for the right brain to share it with? Our engineer's brain is always open to new, inventive ideas and open to have an exchange with anyone about it.


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