Weblocks for longlines

If you want to set up a Longline, you always need a device to block your line. The most simple and lightest solution is using an aluminum ring in combination with a carabiner, to lock the webbing around itself.

The more professional devices have a banana shape and are called weblocks, which block the webbing fixed inside using a mobile pin.

A well-designed weblock retain more than 90% of the webbings original breaking strength. In case you’d use only a simple webbing knot, instead of a weblock, your webbings’ breakin strength would drop to 50%.

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CHILI Linelock - The weblock for Longline webbings The CHILI lonelock is a very light, rather small but still a strong Linelock. It has been entirely designed and produced in Italy during the...

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SLACKIBLOC SR Linelock The SLACKIBLOC SR is a light and strong weblock, ideal for any 25 mm webbing. It is almost the same than Slackibloc4, but with Soft Release option. The tempered aluminum body...

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SLACKIBLOC Linelock The SLACKIBLOC is a light but quite strong and easy to use weblock, ideal for any 25 mm webbing. The tempered aluminum body allows high resistance up to 10 kN and it is overall...

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ANTISLIP increases your security on the Highline  On low tension Slacklines or Highlines, any shock or vibration caused by the slackliner or the wind can cause slight slippage of the webbing inside...

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SIMPLE LINELOCK KIT This kit is the perfect combination of two easy to go products. The most simple and indispensable equipment to rigg your longline. 1,5T BOW SHACKLES STAINLESS STEEL and 10MM...

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SLACKIJUMP Linelock This SLACKIJUMP allows you to rig your Jumpline on a pulley system without ratchets in order to avoid any risks of gear failure or rupture. Our SLACKIJUMP is a reliable weblock...

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Spacer for Slackline Ratchet  With the SPACER Set you can use your 25mm webbing and set it up with a 50mm ratchet.The SPACERS are suitable for all standard ratchets. Note: In order to use for use 2...


Weblocks SR suitable for soft release

Soft point longline is called when the slackline longline only have two weblocks in the system, without the tensioning system (i.e. pulleys).

To release the tension in a long line with soft point, a SOFT RELEASE is mandatory to avoid reconnect again a pulley system with brake.

SR weblocks are designed to integrate the SOFT RELEASE directly to the weblock, without the use of auxiliary connectors in order to further reduce the weight of the system.

Stainless steel or aluminum weblocks

Weblock plates can be made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Stainless steel has excellent properties for tensile strength and excellent mechanical resistance for working with repeated stress movements even hundreds thousand of times without losing its original properties.

Aluminum is a superior legacy with lower weight than steel and achieves exceptional results in resistance to traction forces peak. Aluminum weblocks are great for those who have to carry a lot of weight to the highline mountain rigging point, where every gram saved is really important.


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