HIGHLINING: freedom, emotions and safety

Highlining is the practice of slacklining at heights of around minimum 30 m off the ground, secured with a climbing harness and a safety rope ( leash). Highlining means experiencing pure emotions, sometimes fear and adrenaline.

Enough to understand the potential risk of this sport and the necessity to own your adequate safety kit, put together with high quality products for high working load standards.

Fear of height and atmospheric conditions at high altitudes can affect your body condition and control, even for the most experienced among us. For this reason, alongside with our team of experts, we've created even a dedicated course to that: HIGLINE SAFETY COURSE.

HIGHLINING freedom, emotions and safety | Spider Slacklines

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Highline Configurator for your personalized set-up The Highline Configurator is our new tool to guide you faster and easier on your way to your perfect, new highline webbing set-up. MAIN + BACKUP...

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SKY DIAMOND - A line perfect for extreme lengths A brand new hybrid webbing made of UHMPE fibers (Dyneema+other brand) combined with puffed polyester lining inside the edges, to create a whole new...

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INOV' SPLIT technology - For Expert use ONLY The advantages of the SLACK INOV SPLIT TECHNOLOGY With  the INOV' SPLIT TECHNOLOGY a new standard for highlining has been introduced to the slackline...

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Highline LEASH This leash is made with a QUASAR 9.9 mm dynamic rope, threaded into a tight sleeve of 20 m LEASH LINE tubular polyamide webbing. The LEASH has two seams at both ends, in order to fix...

backpack 70 litres backpack 70 litres
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70L ZENITH Haul bag Zenith by Climbing Technology is a recovery bag created specifically for big walls and to transport equipment on expeditions, made of durable Valmex® fabric (PVC coated...

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backpack 40 litres backpack 40 litres
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40L CRAGGY HAUL BAG Craggy Haul Bag by Climbing Technology is a recovery bag created specifically for fast big walls, for mountain routes and for transporting equipment on expeditions. It is made...

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STEEL CARABINER OVAL SCREW NUT  The Climbing Technology ‘s Steel Oval Carabiner is a MADE IN ITALY product of high quality and singularly tested. The screw nut makes the carabiner safe, even under...

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LEASH Line - Your rope sleeve  We produce our LEASH line specifically to protect and sleeve the dynamic rope which is meant to serve as a "leash" on high tensioned set-ups (such as highline,...

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Tagline to connect your Highline The perfect little rope to create your connection for your highline. Great resistance and strength help you to successfully set up your line while pulling a heavy...

stainless steel dowel
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Stainless steel anchor bolt  The stainless steel anchor bolt is a great choice to equip a climbing wall, especially on hard and compact rocks.  For bolts, length is more important than the...

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ABYSSES BOUNCE THE LINE The ABYSSES webbing has been specifically designed for intense bounce practices. Lovers of a real bounce spirit can stop using their line horizontally, now is time for new,...

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Aluminum oval carabiner with screw nut  The Aluminum Oval Climbing Technology  Carabine, is a MADE IN ITALY product. The screw nut closing makes it a very reliable connector. Thanks to the KEY-LOCK...


Highline webbings: Highline and Backup

All SLACK-INOV webbings have each their own, unique character and offer therefore a totally varying feeling while slacklining, but some present their ideal performances when rigged as a highline.

Discover the different features of each of our line and choose the most suitable for your Highline sport: If rather low stretch polyester webbing, like PLASMA, FLY or EDGE; Or a more soft polyester one with higher stretch, like TENDER, ZAO, or JOKER; Or maybe rather really elastic and soft nylon polyamide slacklines like our NYLOVE, NOVA and DONKEY.

Rollex, Vortex, Leash and safety gear for Highlining

In this section of our shop you'll find the best gear dedicated to the practice of highlining.

If a Rollex carabiner with pulley, a special Vortex leash ring, many differently forged rings, leash ropes, harnesses and all the other neccesary equipement.

Do you like Highlining on very low tension webbing? All you need is a ROLLEX and a line grabber like a LINEGRIP to have a pocket sized tensioning system.

Combine our highline products to create your own tensioning kit to practise highlining in its purest, simplest and lightest way.

Highlining "a pure form of expressing your freedom"

A rebel is someone who decides to make their life a vehicle of change, to favor others and most importantly themself. For highlining what matters is how you approach to it with the right heart, body and mind-set.

In this sport of energy, enthusiasm and adrenaline, you must keep in mind safety is something not to play with, and danger plays a bi part of this sport. Whoever feels like an expert must be double as careful to not let habibt controll them and if you are still new in this activity, never face a Highline session without the help of an expert's guide.

For this reason at SLACK-INOV we created the HIGHLINE SAFETY COURSE to learn about the most important risks, especially the most hidden ones and to spread the culture of prevention, responsibilty and highest safety.