We decided recently to create and work on an improved slackline end loop system, in order to propose an even safer and more reliable product. The main goal of this improvement process was to be able to use smaller shackles (quicklinks but specifically smaller soft shackles of a 5 mm diameter), without taking a higher risk. The new available sewn loop system, which we are happy to present today, is going to be called “JUMBO COVER” and it's as jumbo as it sounds - available now as a loop option on the simple loop product page: SINGLE SEWN LOOP



1x JUMBO SEWN LOOP (+1,90€)


Instead of filling your webbing into a standard tubular kind of webbing sleeve, we chose this new technique for even higher resistance on the connectors friction spot. The JUMBO COVER is therefore a tubular, but also threaded webbing, which adds a whole extra layer to the sewn loop and creates therefore higher resistance.


Of course we wanted to test the difference in resistance and reaction to force, and chose therefore two tubular webbings to test those new sewn loops on - on a very stretchy one (NOVA) and a rather medium stretch webbing (TENDER).

We knew already from past testing, that in most cases our current, actual sewn loops are already strong enough to not damage the webbing inside of a loop, if used with SoftShackles of Ø6mm or with Ø8mm quicklinks (the most standard ones we are selling online). Using those types of connectors with a simple sewn loop, the webbing never broke inside the buckle but only on the last stitching of the exiting strand. 

Knowing this, the decision was made to try comparing the two webbings (NOVA and TENDER) with a really small diameter conexion (Ø5 mm single dyneema braid, so equivalent to a Ø3,5 mm soft shackle) on a simple sewn buckle and the new reinforced one - the JUMBO COVER.

RESULTS of the Breaking Tests:


Our tests have shown that the JUMBO COVER is more resistant and even strong enough to allow the use of a sewn loop connected with really thin SoftShackles.

Looking at the long term use of sewn loops, this will keep the loop stronger and less damaged over a long period of time - we have seen the loops’ material and cover turning with regular use thinner and thinner and can even develop tiny holes. The Jumbo padding shall avoid this issue.

We are happy to announce that from today on this new JUMBO COVER option will be available in our online shop and with this technology we can confidently offer our customers to use smaller soft shackles like Ø5 mm ou Ø4 mm within their rigg on loops or for connections of long highlines.


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