Tree Protection

Slackline tree protection: protection for trees and longline

When you are slacklining at the park it is important to preserve the trees. Always use slackline tree protection to protect the bark of the tree, and also to extend the life of your slackline.

The tree guards are available in three versions S, L, XL, and all three can be tag on, one after the other, to cover even the largest tree diameter.

The slackline treewear XL version is equipped with side velcro stripes to keep the ROUND SLING SPANSET in place, without slipping from the tree during the set up, when there is still no tension.

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Set SLACKLINE TREE PROTECTION S Slackline The TREE PROTECTION S SLACKLINE is the smallest version of our tree protections sets we offer.You can find here the other Tree protection sizes.Made of...

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Set SLACKLINE TREE PROTECTION L Slackline The SLACKLINE TREE PROTECTION L, perfect for bigger Slackline or Longline set-upsYou can find here the other Tree protection sizes. Made of high resistant...

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THE INOV' TREE PROTECTION XXL  The INONV TREE PROTECTION XXL, with a length of 2m serves as a perfect protection for bigger trees for longer and heavier Slacklines or Longline set-ups.You can find...


The park's ban to slacklinining without protections

The practice of Slacklining without the necessary tree padding can be extremely harmful for the bark of trees. Slackline has been banned in public parks in some cities. These bans are the consequence of some people's neglect.

To avoid that the slackline is harmful to trees, first of all, pay attention to the choice of the tree: it must have at least 40 cm diameter with a rough and thick bark (trees with thin bark are the most sensitive).

In addition, pays attention in the period between January and May, because below the bark a membrane is forming for the growing.

Last, prevent the anchor sling from completing the loop of the tree as it would suffocate it.

Anchor sling with wide flat surface

Another precaution concerning the anchoring to the tree refers to the type of sling that pass around it.

It is important that it is not a rope, despite the use of tree guards, its limited surface would not prevent it from damage the bark. Also prevents any sling knots get in contact with the tree.

Then use sling with a large surface, or the ROUND SLING SPANSETS.