Static, semi-static and dynamic rope

The world of braids, commonly called ropes, is full of specific products, each for different type of use. Ropes are mainly made of polyester or polyamide fibers, called nylon rope, while some are made of special fibers such as dyneema.

A STATIC ROPE has minimal elasticity and is ideal if used inside a pulley hoist. A SEMI-STATIC ROPE is an excellent back up for a highline or trickline set-up. A DYNAMIC CLIMBING ROPE is usually used inside a HIGHLINE LEASH.

In this category of our shop, you'll find all ropes we offer dedicated for slackline and highline use.

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Static rope This static rope wit itsh three interwoven core structures is perfectly suitable for pulleys and offers a substantial advantage when used in high load tension conditions. Its double...

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9.9 mm Dynamic rope Highline  Single Dynamic Uniform Thread Treatment Rope The Quasar 9.9 mm single rope is suitable for both Highlining and Climbing. The rope is made with a Uniform Thread and Dry...

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Dyneema rope Dyneema is a truly amazing fiber! Its weight/strength ratio is unbeliveable, it has an excellent wear and tear resistance and almost zero elasticity. Keep in mind when choosing a...

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Tagline to connect your Highline The perfect little rope to create your connection for your highline. Great resistance and strength help you to successfully set up your line while pulling a heavy...

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LAST ROPE CUTS These last rope cuts are very useful to create backups for your ratchet or pulley system. When off grid on your trip to the mountains, a piece of rope can be very handy, as a...

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ROUND SLING rope for primitive Our 0,5 T ROPE SLING (MBS at< 32 kN) are great for longlines up to 50 m or to connect additional elements to your pulley system. These ROPE SLINGS are also great...


Types of dyneema ropes for tag line purposes

The dyneema fiber is also used for the production of SOFT SHACKLES. Learn more about the properties of this special technological fiber and its various uses. If you are looking for a light lanyard to create a first connection for your highline, you may be interested in our so called TAG LINE, a thin, light and resistant rope to pull even afterwards your webbing from one anchor the other.

The convenience of a sewn buttonhole rope

Some ropes are equipped with a sewn hole at one end. This becomes very handy inside a pulley system, to avoid a knot that drastically reduces the rope's strength. With a sewn loop, the rope keeps 100% of its workload to fully express its potential in the system. Discover the broad variety of ropes and their special, own features.


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