The best rock bolts for highline

Is the drill your best friend? Choose the right bolts and gear selected by SLACK-INOV for your next new highline project. Be focused on safety in all situations, create solid anchors for your highlines. Seek for experts advice and never underestimate the unexpected risks.

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Technical data Hole diameter Ø 8 mm Ø 10 mm Ø 12 mm Material Steel HCR high corrosion resistance Weight 43 gr. 45 gr. 46 gr. Breaking load MBS 6 kN 22 kN 25 kN Certification No EN...

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Technical sheet  Size Ø 8 x 75 mm Ø 10 x 90 mm Ø 12 x 110 mm Material High resistance steel Weight 32 gr. 60 gr. 88 gr. Wrench 13 17 25 Troque 15 Nm 22 Nm 50 Nm Breaking load MBS 6 kN...

stainless steel anchor plate
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Stainless steel anchor plate The stainless steel anchor plates are suitable for both, wet and salty environments. Depending on the diameter of the hole, the adaptability of the plate on the rock...

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stainless steel dowel
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Stainless steel anchor bolt  The stainless steel anchor bolt is a great choice to equip a climbing wall, especially on hard and compact rocks.  For bolts, length is more important than the...

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removable steel anchorage removable steel anchorage
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Removable anchor COEUR PULSE  The locking function limits the risk of involuntary removal. The fast installation and removal, without using additional tools, allows the anchor to be reused after...

€35.21 €40.98

Is the rock always solid to fix a bolt?

An expert rigger knows the right surface of an appropriate rock very well and before drilling, he predicts the inside with the use of experience and rudimentary tools such as a hammer. Some rocks may appear compact on the outside but can be very crumbly after the first few centimeters of drilling.

Furthermore, if the rock is adequate in strength for a hole, it may not be suitable for surface uniformity. The anchor plate must be placeable flat on the rock. If you do not find a flat spot on you rock’s surface, do not position the anchor plate anyways.

How to avoid an inaccurate and badly made hole?

Check first if you have a suitable drill bit to drill the rock correctly. The hole must be of the correct diameter and it is recommended not to make more than 20 holes with the same bit without re-sharpening it. You will have to blow inside the hole to clean it from dust before inserting the bolt. If the plate moves slightly it may be due to an inaccurately drilled hole.

Our bolts and plates are all certified, but it doesn't mean that they are eternally in ebst shape. Therefore, especially in areas exposed to sea air, it is recommended to inspect the anchors at least every 12 months.

Bolting is an experts work, please seek experts advice and don’t start making your first holes without clear instructions or know-how.


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