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Slack Inov' is your slackline online shop
for innovative gears

In the shop you will find information, advices and, above all, the well thinked gears.

SLACK INOV' is born to bring innovations, smart and ergonomic products to the slackline community. By working with "made in France" manufacturers with a sustainable approach, continually attempts to develop innovative slackline gears.

SLACK INOV' is surrounded by friends who make up the official team, trickliners et highliners test and think with passion about new ways to facilitate rigging.



You will find there completes kits designed to have a first approach of this sport. the webbings there remain the sames as on our pro kits. Thoses kits are perfect for families and scholar practice.



You will find there somes kits designed to be used in a high level practice. they will allow you to rig any length, on the ground as in higline.



You will find there somes kits designed to be used in indoor: gym, school or at home.


Our Featured Products


to extend the tension arm and increase power







shows the threshold load of brake depression


Adjust the power control


the revolutionary tensioning device

A unique device with patented technology that allows you to stretch longline and highline without limit, whatever the length of your line and without the need for any other auxiliary device to operate.

In a single product you will have a pulley system, a weblock and a soft release. Finally your set up will be truly minimal and free from any accessory that weighs down the system. With INFINITY you combine the functions of pretensioning, tensioning and tension release in a single device.


webbing for longlining and highlining

A 100% Nylon polyammide bouncy webbing with soft edges: DONKEY is great for trick-highline practice, with an innovative technology tubular with pillowed edges. No matter if you are expert or rookie, DONKEY will make you discover love at first sight.


Dense weave increasing abrasion and water resistance;


Hibrid, flat central body in poliester, and stretchy and puffed webbing outline for extra pillow edges;


Poliammide nylon, 3,2 Ton strength webbing


11,5 @ 10 kN, excellent for bouncelines;


Two different coloured sides, in order to avoid twists.

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General information concerning slackline gears on slackline

Searching slackline online you might get confused in front of all information related to breaking strength, working load and safety coefficient: there is actually no standard governing slackline gear and many people are .

Breaking strength is the minimal load from which the product can break.

Working load (WLL or CMU) is relate to the breaking load divided by a safety factor. This safety factor is standardised at 5 for lifting products (for example, a 1T WLL shackle will break at 5T).

In slacklining, there is no standard and no compulsory safety coefficient. Depending of the manufacturer, safety coefficient can actually be from 1 to 7, that means a seller could declare a working load equal to breaking load.

Slack Inov' warrancy by breaking strength transparency

In SLACK INOV' shop slackline we decided to speak only in terms of breaking strength in order to standardize the rating, even if slackline is not subject to any international norm. This rating is impose in example by PPE standards (i.e. Personal Protective Equipment standards EN 362 or EN 12275). Speaking in terms of breaking strength is SLACK INOV' warranty of seriousness and transparency. However, certain products are rated with a working load limit. Those are products subject to mechanical fatigue and over this working load limit the products becoming unusable far before their breaking strength (in example: the STAUP brake doesn't break but slip over its WLL). In conclusion, pay always attention to the values indicated on the product, as you do with carabinners, climbing anchors, harnesses and other sportive equipment.


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