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The SPANSET round slings and the FLY sling

SPANSETS are roundslings mainly used as lifting straps. In slacklinining, the SPANSET roundslings are used to embrace the trees or in order to connect to anchor points.

Furthermore do we also offer FLY slings, very thin webbing slings which are useful in anchoring situations at low tension, such as longlines of less than 50 m.

We recommend to use a support like the TREE PROTECTION XL with velcro stripes, to protect the anchor sling during the tensioning process.

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Use round slings with a proper "working angle"

SPANSET slings are used in slacklining mainly to create a "U" shape around an anchor, and joining the ends with a SHACKLE to connect to a PULLEY SYSTEM, a WEBLOCK or a RATCHET.

It is very important to know that a sling's workload reduction factor is based on its "working angle » , when it is connected to the shackle. Please follow carefully the specifications of each product label and check if your type of use maintains a minimum safety ratio.

The protective sleeve of the SPANSET VS the lightness of the FLY round sling

SPANSET slings have a tubular structure: a nylon core and a protective polyester sleeve. They present only a minimum elongation, great resistance to mechanical work and abrasion stress and are usable in the most extreme conditions. For example in contact with a bark, abrasive rocks, multi-bolts anchors, etc.

The FLY round sling is much lighter, easy to transport and excellent for your setup in a park, for a longline of up to 50 m with medium-low working load. They are included in the PRIMITIVE system set with carabiners. Only to be used forming a "U » shape around the tree, connected with a carabiner or shackle.

How do I choose among resistance and length?

We recommend to chose the 0.5T FLY sling (MBS at 30 kN) for longlines of up to 50 m or to connect any additional elements of a pulley system. Do not use them for tricklining.

The 1T SPANSET round slings (MBS at 70 kN) are the most versatile, with an incredible strength/weight ratio and perfectly usable for highlines, tricklines or longlines.

The 2T SPANSET slings (MBS at 140 kN) are the most resistant and are recommended for extreme tricklines of 30 m length with double ratchets, or for longlines of more than 150 m length.

Regarding length, with a standard 2 meter sling, you are able to work in most common situations, but sometimes trees can be quite large that you require rather 3 m long slings. Remember that all anchor sling can be adjusted in lenght by connecting one to each other, with a choke knot or with a connector such as a SHACKLE or delta.