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All SLACK-INOV lines are great to slack on, but some present their best qualities in Highlining. Discover each special feature and choose the one that suits best your favorite Highline style. Some webbing have low stretch such as our FLY, PLASMA or EDGE; others are rather soft like the ZAO and JUMBO; finally there are the real bouncy ut soft lines, mostly made of a mix or of pure nylon polyamide like NYLOVE, NOVA, DONKEY or the hybrid JOKER.

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PLASMA LONGLINE webbing "This webbing is the perfect mirror of your mood: If you are calm and confident, it will be easy and playful but the day you will be excited or edgy, the plasma will be too....

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FLY LONGLINE webbing Our FLY line is a strong and quite resisting webbing with its high breaking strength (33 kN) and its simply flat woven character. Even though it's very strong, it is also a...

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ZAO LINE - In love with longlining ZAO is a highly appreciated slackline: it has been designed based on feedback from some of our best longline and highline athletes.  A flat waved central body and...

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COSMIC feeling for park and Highline COSMIC is a semi challenging tubular webbing, strong but light and produced with smooth edges. Generous bounce performance with rather limited elasticity in...

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EDGE - A superior longline The EDGE line is a polyester webbing with some special, superior features.  This line is made of three woven layers: the central core with quite high resistance (MBS @ 35...

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JUMBO LINE -  The soft and playful longline The idea for the JUMBO line originated from a desire to practice and train on a heavier webbing. Our development process allowed us to come up with the...

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JOKER - A real JOKER hybrid webbing The JOKER is quite an exceptional webbing. It's been designed for those who want to do more than only walking or crossing lines. Its hybrid (half polyester half...

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ABYSSES BOUNCE THE LINE The ABYSSES webbing has been specifically designed for intense bounce practices. Lovers of a real bounce spirit can stop using their line horizontally, now is time for new,...

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DONKEY ideal for Longline and Highline A 100% Nylon polyamide, bouncy webbing with new, extra soft edges. DONKEY is a line somewhat similar to our JOKER but overall completely different, it's great...

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SEWN T-LOOP for back-up split The SEWN T-LOOP system allows you to connect the back-up line to the main line on different spots along the whole slackline length.This loop system has been designed...

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SKY DIAMOND - A line perfect for extreme lengths A brand new hybrid webbing made of UHMPE fibers (Dyneema+other brand) combined with puffed polyester lining inside the edges, to create a whole new...

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Don't waste your LAST LINE CUTS, start connecting We really don't like throwing material away! And especially not slacklines. By merging two pieces of webbing, using our sewn system stitch, we are...

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Polyester vs Nylon Highlines

Highlines are mainly composed of one of two kind of synthetic fibers: polyester or polyamide (known also as nylon). Both materials have very high resistance properties. Polyester is the more resistant to traction and wear of UV rays, while Nylon presents greater stretch and the fibers make therefore the webbing softer and more pleasant to body touch.


The minimum strength required for highline webbing

Up to date, there are no certifications for highlining which impose minimum safety standards for the practice of this sport. SLACK-INOV suggests to never use webbings with a breaking strength lower than 30 kN. This is not a value to guarantee the safety of your set-up, but it is nowadays a standard among manufacturers, in order to give a suggested minimum level for the safety of a highline set-up.


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