VORTEX INTERVIEW with our Developer Florent B.

We asked our developer, engineer and founder Florent Berthet of Slack Inov' about his development process, how and when he uses his own invented gear and what are the standards he implements. Does development happen with standards or each product is different? And how much time does he finish to make a new invention?

Aiguilles d'Arves - A special Highline Adventure from 2020

For this project, the alpine style was kind of nonsense, because of the huge weight of highline gear itself, and because we wanted to be able to leave the line as long as possible in order to give all highliners on the team a chance to ride it. So we decided for the "himalayan style": heavy backpacks, full of food, comfortable tents, mattresses, warm sleeping bags…

Our Slack Inov' Pro Team 2021

We are proud and immensely happy to announce the new group of pro athletes, who represent our new Slackinov' Team 2021. From many different places all across Europe, our team has got a big international touch this time. We can't wait to follow the progress and adventures of all those talented and diverse personalities.

Slack Inov's new "Jumbo Cover"

We decided recently to create and work on an improved slackline end loop system, in order to propose an even safer and more reliable product.


Knots vs. Linelock - Stop knotting your backup!

Why we should definitely start using Linelocks as standard for our backup on Highlines. It has not only been discussed one time but many times - is it actually safe enough to use a knot to attach the principal backup webbing of our highline set-up to the anchor? We’ve tested possible scenarios that come close to a backup fall situation in reality to present the most reliable and safest backup fixing situation.

Report about our webbing investigation over a mainline failure

July 2022 we received the information, that a group of experienced highliners have had a mainline failure during a highline session on a 270m setup in France. The ruptured slackline was one of our webbings from a batch dating production in 2018 (Joker) and equipped with t-loops made in a non-automated machine process, as well from 2018. The incident immediately alerted us to learn more and to collect every possible piece of information to analyze and understand this rare type of webbing failure, appearing in the middle of a t-loop.

ISA Cyclic Loading Tests on Weblocks

The ISA had recently the opportunity to test Slackline material using completely different methods with access to new testing machinery. Trending usage like Trick-Highlining has led to important new questions regarding gear fatigue, which needed to be answered by testing. In a first attempt, the ISA testing-team started to test cyclic forces and gear resistance on 4 different slackline weblocks.

3 SIGMA Method Petzl

MBS 3SIGMA is an element of statistical calculations, which allows to display a products’ guaranteed strength value throughout its manufacturing process.

Breaking test results of all Slack Inov’ webbings

Due to recent, intensified double checks of the resistance (MBS) of our tubular nylon webbing NOVA, we discovered some inconsistencies in our test results compared to those indicated by the manufacturer.

Tubolar Polyamide (Nylon) webbing NOVA

We’ve stopped its immediate sale online and published right away a warning going to all NOVA owners, to not use this webbing for highlining until further notice.

What is a « Anti-Projection » design?

For our second article of this technical section, we choose to present you the concept of our « anti-projection » designs. Obviously, this is refered to all our products.

Slackline and mechanical fatigue

The aim of this article is to explain the phenomenon of mechanical fatigue wich is frequently approached when talking about slackline

Backup Extender – length calculation

In that objective, I developed the Split connection, allowing to get it with standards lengths of webbing (50m or 100m), whatever the webbing is used for mainline or for backup. This is much more versatile than having really long continuos strands, or than having different sizes of strand depending if the webbing is dedicated to be a mainline or a backup.


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