How to choose the right backup for your highline?

Everything about back ups is a hot and widely debated topic in the world of highlining and until today, we still find different approaches to its best and safest pactise . The main ones foresee that the backup must be semi-static, being a webbing or rope. If the main line does not have a sufficient height from the ground, especially with line lengths longer than 100 m, then the back up is safer when it is split into shorter sections (SPLIT TECHNOLOGY). For example the SPLIT50 provides inter-secured sections every 50 m, while SPLIT100 offers a fixed connection every 100 m.

With BACKUP EXTENDERS you increase the length of your backup section at will, for example bringing the standard length of 50m to 53m for your backup. Find out more on each product page and don’t hesitate to check in with us about more personalized expertise and advices.

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INOV' SPLIT technology - For Expert use ONLY The advantages of the SLACK INOV SPLIT TECHNOLOGY With  the INOV' SPLIT TECHNOLOGY a new standard for highlining has been introduced to the slackline...

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FLY LONGLINE webbing Our FLY line is a strong and quite resisting webbing with its high breaking strength (33 kN) and its simply flat woven character. Even though it's very strong, it is also a...

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Tagline to connect your Highline The perfect little rope to create your connection for your highline. Great resistance and strength help you to successfully set up your line while pulling a heavy...